DriveLooper - teaching you to drive ecologically

You will learn to accelerate, brake and switch gear in right way, among other things. You will notice the difference when filling the tank.


Intelligent and smart driving data management.

DriveLooper analyses your driving data. Use your mobile phone and computer for collecting, examining and comparing your data.


You save in fuel costs and the environment will also appreciate.

With DriveLooper the fuel consumption is smaller and you are saving your car.

Download DriveLooper for free!

Eco-driving lessons

You will learn to drive proactively, how to brake, accelerate and change gears more effectively, among other things. At the same time you will save your car, fuel and money. The more proactive your driving is, the less you cause potential threats to your co-road users and yourself.

Intelligent driving monitoring

From your phone, follow the run-time data. Later, on your computer, you will see the problem areas in your driving in detail and you can compare the information to other users. At the same time, you can make comparisons and evaluate for the trips, for example, the fuel consumption of the fastest and the best routes.

Ground-breaking for ease of use

DriveLooper automatically recognizes you by your mobile phone when you enter the car and switches on the phone follow-up for driving. You do not have to see the effort to explicitly start the application. All of your trips will easily be available to be investigated and analysed afterwards.

Fuel savings

DriveLooper will surprise you when you see how much you can reduce your fuel costs by choosing the right way to drive.

DriveLooper, ODB reader and your smartphone allow you to get connected with your car in a whole new, revolutionary way.
You may use DriveLooper as it is, in which case a limited service based on GPS positioning is available. However, if you want to gain the full advantage from the service, we recommend that you purchase an ODB reader to be connected to your car's data socket. You may order the reader directly from our web store.
Even though most of the available ODB readers are fully compatible with DriveLooper, we may only guarantee seamless operation with the tested models available in our web store.
Order an OBD reader now directly from our store at 29,90 € Go to the store.
DriveLooper products also available in Tokmanni and Halpa-Halli stores.
OBD reader provides you with more information. Please refer to the table for additional features available with the ODB reader.
Using GPS data - speed, distance and route information, DriveLooper can provide you with much useful information concerning your driving, and refuelling diary allows you easily to monitor your fuel consumption. Still, you may access many of the most useful features of DriveLooper only when using an OBD reader It allows us to receive sensor-based data directly from your car's computer, which allows us to help you to improve your driving with many new an innovative ways.
Automatic start of the service
Sensor data available from your car
Automatic vehicle identification
Service point value(LooperScore) maximum
Showing gear values in the service
Fuel consumption display and comparison
Starting using the service could not be more simple.

Download the application and register to the DriveLooper service

Connect the OBD reader to the appropriate socket. *

Create a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the ODB reader **

Enter your car data to the DriveLooper service. ***

* The exact location of the data socket depends on the car model. Usually it is close to the steering wheel.

** Activate the correct connection from DriveLooper application's "Choose reader" menu. If you do not have ODB reader, please choose "Manual GPS only"

*** You may enter data for more than one car.

View and learn to use DriveLooper
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Account thumb

Creating a DriveLooper account

See the easy steps creating a DriveLooper account on your phone.

Insert donge

Connecting the OBD reader to your car.

Connecting the OBD reader to your car is very easy.

New car thumb

Adding a car in DriveLooper

When starting your car, DriveLooper recognizes the new car automatically.

Gear thumb

Calibrating the gear-view

DriveLooper can be taught to recognize and present the current gear in use.

New driver thumb

Adding a driver to an account

You can add multiple users to a DriveLooper account, eg. your family members. This makes comparison easy.

Nfc video thumb

Using the NFC functionality

If your mobile phone supports NFC, you may write your car information to a NFC sticker. GPS data recording will start when you place your mobile on the NFC sticker.

Compare video thumb

It is so simple to compare your driving trips

You may compare your driving trips and learn how to drive more effectively.

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