Intelligent and secure
OBD Trip Computer

• Internal Accelometer • Built-in GPS/GNSS module
• Flash memory • Ultra-low power consumption sleep mode
• Bluetooth module 4.0 low energy
• Operating Voltage: 12 Vdc (9 – 14 Vdc) • Vehicle positioning
• Crash detection and data recording

Drivelooper obd2

Get your OBD Trip Computer from retailer

  • Motonet
  • Tokmanni
  • Halpahalli

Starting using the service could not be more simple.

  • Download the application and register to the DriveLooper service
  • Scan the QR-Code from DriveLooper OBD Trip Computer with the application
  • Connect DriveLooper OBD Trip Computer to your car OBD

You are ready to go!

The OBD Trip Computer records your data and synchronises it with the DriveLooper service when a mobile connection is available. Get your mileage report, the most common fault codes and other data from DriveLooper.